Energy Drinks are the poison you enjoy

When you think of energy drinks, what do you imaging it taste like? 

Is it a naturally sweetened, lightly fruity, florally aromatic, heavy water-based liquid. No? And it's for good reason, a lot of people want that taste from energy drinks. It seems like it's become the medicine that people enjoy. 

So I took it to a community of energy drink lovers and pitched the notion. "What do you guys think about an all-natural energy drink?". I thought they would say its the prayer that hasn't been answered or maybe solutions they have tried but the product didn't quite hit the mark, The response was surprising...

The point of energy drinks is to gain energy. From mental or physical fatigue. There shouldn't be any grey area. Well, there is...

I realised I was dealing with a whole new kettle of fish when someone responded "I love chemicals. I've tried more natural energy drinks and they don't compete with their more synthetic counterparts. Not only do the chemicals make them taste good, but it's also the only way to get the real kick from them. I like the ***** because it tastes as someone made it in a lab, and my body reacts accordingly."

These people understood that energy drinks have loud synthetic ingredients and they welcomed it if anything it felt like they wanted more of it. All for the short buzz it provided. Someone else explained that "Natural doesn't mean anything to me. It's a marketing term. I don't care what's in my speedy go fast juice as long as it's legal".

So some people saw 'Natural' as a marketing cloak covering the true colours of the product. The product, just a mediocre standard of what they are used too. I understood this. A lot of products throw claims when really they are sometimes just as bad or worse than the artificial products. So it felt like it was people rallying behind 'the devil they know'.  

Hence why I asked what you imagine when you think energy drink. If its the highly fizzy, synthetic flavour then isn't that a problem? The energy drink market has made it the standard to taste synthetic. Making the natural solution extremely difficult to squeeze in. We are becoming more and more health-conscious but we are still making choices where we want the quick fix antidote. 

Do I have a solution? A different one. Get the hell away for the energy drinks market. People love the way energy drinks taste and how it makes them feel. So it is very unlikely that companies will make a change to how the products are made. Drinks that are naturally made they help the brains functions through its ingredients without the 'Fad Buzz', that's what we need to look for and steer towards. I will bless thee market as Elixirs; natural concoctions that improve the body & brain. I