VODO Journey: The Birth of the Idea

So people, this is where I take you back to the beginning. Before this was a business, when it was just an idea.

So lets travel back 5 years. I was studying at Loughborough and training with the Leicester Riders (professional basketball team). Im going to be honest, I feel like we have that relationship. I was struggling with basketball and studies, close to getting kicked off the program. Partially, because I was enjoying the university lifestyle 3 tequilas more than normal. 

One day I looked in the mirror (metaphorically speaking) and demanded more of myself. I wanted to receive a degree and be an accomplished basketball player. Now, achieving would be difficult but i was gunning for both. With this new found drive I started waking up at 5, working out 4 times a day, 5 days a weeks and spending every evening in the library. 

Starting this ridiculous regime, I got the speech from my mother that I needed to sleep more. Received the "Its not healthy" speech. Did I cry from it being over whelming some would say I did, I would say that I had an allergic reaction from hard work. I felt that I wouldn't quit yet, I still wanted to prove to myself that i could do better. 

I done some research. I sat down with my sports nutrition lecturer and he explained some of the benefits of green tea. How it might help with some of the issues around feeling fatigued,  losing a mental edge or my reduced focus. 

The green tea taste was not something that didn't go down well. I felt like I was punishing my tastebuds. I became a self-claimed mixologist, creating cocktails of juice concentrate and assorted green tea bags. A new love, Jerelle and Green tea, an unbreakable bond.

...I felt an idea brewing