About Us

People often confuse 'it's hard' with 'it's impossible'. Jerelle (Founder of VUDU) faced this problem quite a lot. Soon to realise that this confusion did not originate from his thoughts. Usually, from others that did not share his same vision. 
So, he created VUDU to help push himself to reach his goal of playing professional basketball despite hearing people say it was very unlikely. Jerelle took his dreams by its horns and decided to work like a titan. Through patience and grit he saw results. The green tea gave him that extra 5% he needed to push that little bit extra. 
VUDU is for all the dreamers and even those that are scared to dream. Yes, we made a beautiful green tea soft drink that allows you to embrace all of green teas' glories. However, VUDU is a reminder that we believe in you and you should believe in yourself. What you want to achieve may not be whats common to the world around you. We believe you Deserve To Be Uncommon
"Take a sip, let's get to work and silence the world around you."
- Jerelle Okoro AKA Capt. Strange