VUDU Pouch

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The VUDU Pouch is an all natural isotonic mix that provides you with energy through the magical properties from Matcha. The Unique blend will provide you with not just the energy for a workout but the work that you have after. VUDU aims to provide you with excellence through innovation and creativity. The VUDU pouch does just that.

Power of Matcha

Matcha contains the nutrients from the entire tea leaf, which results in a greater amount of caffeine and antioxidants than typically found in green tea

au natural

The Isotonic mix only has natural ingredients. From the fruit used to flavour the mix to the matcha. Everything used is 100% organic making it available for vegans to consume.

NO added sugar

There is no added sugar to the mix. We don't use artificial sweetener either. Instead, the natural sweetener monk fruit is used. It has 0 cals and has Anti-inflammatory properties.


Two flavours of the mix will be made, one will have added collagen to help improve your skin, tendons and muscles.

Both packets have a flavour combination that will have you feeling like you're sipping the elixir of life. All the ingredients are natural and with out added sugar.

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